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2012 Swiss Winter and Summer Tours

Still Kickin!

The Dates:

February-March 2012
July-August 2012

The Boys:

Charlie Morris. Photo by Kurt Zimmerli.


Marco Speedy Jeanrenaud. Photo by Kurt Zimmerli.


Markus Baumer. Photo by Kurt Zimmerli.


Ivan Rougny. Photo by Kurt Zimmerli.


The Gigs (Feb/March):


Dixie Jazz Club

Dublins Pub
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Dos Amigos

Hotel Belle Epoque

Brasserie 17


The Gigs (July/August):

Music Friends



Amphi Blues and Jazz Festival

Swing in the Wind Festival

Best Hotel:

The Belle Epoque is a unique hotel where we've had a lot of good times. This year, Kurt Zimmerli's beautiful photos really captured the atmosphere.

A close second goes to the Holiday Inn Express, where Orest put us up in Sempach. Laugh if you will, but this modern hotel at a motorway rest stop had every amenity you could wish, a splendid breakfast and a view of the Alps.

The Lady of the Belle Epoque. Photo by Kurt Zimmerli.

The Lady of the Belle Epoque

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Back on the Swiss road in winter...

Charlie Morris Band on stage at Dos Amigos

Ah, life on the road...Champagne-soaked parties, hot chicks and fast cars. Well, fast cars anyway. This time around, I decided to take pix of some of the most glamorous happenings on a typical European tour.

On the road

Loading up...

Hotel room

Hotel rooms...

Speedy on the road

Days on the road...

Markus in Interlaken

Loading in...

Speedy in Interlaken


Speedy and Ivan in Bern


CMB at Dos Amigos

...and finally playing.

Charlie and the Gator

The Florida gator made his first trip to Europe, and liked it so much, he stayed!

...and again in summer

Music Friends, Unteraegeri

The tour started with a great show for our Music Friends at a lovely lakeside hotel.

Swing in the Wind, Estavayer

Once again, hiking in the Alps

Swing in the Wind, Estavayer

The Florida gator has settled in nicely - he doesn't seem to mind the cold at all!

Swing in the Wind, Estavayer

The Swing in the Wind Festival in Estavayer was lots of fun (what's a little rain?) and a beautiful way to wrap up the tour.