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2013 Good Crust Tour

"It's all about the crust!"

The Dates:

February-March 2013

The Boys:

Charlie on the slopes. Photo by Barbara Bonjour.


Marco Speedy Jeanrenaud. It's all about the crust.


Markus and Ivan

Markus and Ivan

The Gigs (Feb/March):


Dos Amigos

Dublins Pub
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Bar de la Ferme

Bonny B Blues Club

Snack Gare

Rolls Royce Bar

Profound Revelations:

We ate a lot of pizza on this tour, and noted, not for the first time, that the crust tends to be the determining factor in sorting the magnifico from the mediocre. The right balance of crispiness and doughy lightness is essential. A wood oven seems to be pretty much a necessity for greatness. Too much cheese will make the pizza soggy in the middle.

Even when we weren't eating pizza, it seemed like we were. At Planet Pizza in Fribourg, we had an excellent Indian curry, a welcome change from the usual pork cutlets of the Swiss road.

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The Good Crust Tour

Charlie Morris Band commenting on crust

Here we are in Zurich, enjoying a fine Italian lunch.

Charlie in Arosa

I started off the trip with a week of snowboarding in Arosa. There was an epic dump before we showed up, so I did some gnarly shredding in the pow, and me and Kief got some sick footy! Almost felt like a shred instead of the grom I really am.

CMB at Dos Amigos

It's always a great time with our pal Padu at Dos Amigos.

Glamor of the Road Dept.

Hotel room

"There's days in cheap hotel rooms..."

Glamor of the road

"...and nights spent on the road..."

Speedy loading up the van

"The next morning, we were loading up the van. Speedy said, all this stuff, it ain't gonna fit, man!"

Markus at Dublins

Here's Markus at Dublins, just after his keyboards crashed to the stage.

Dublins in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Dublins in the snow

Speedy's milky adventure

Speedy: "Watch this!" The milk. Speedy cleaning up the milk. This is what passes for road stories these days.

CMB in Delemont

We had a fantastic time at the Snack Gare in Delémont - great host, great audience! The two young ladies on the left are very drunk, as you can see (or is it you?).

Speedy and Ivan

Speedy and Ivan having a fondue in Bern, just like a couple of tourists. Note my healthy salad and cup of tea at lower left.

Luna the Dog

Luna, the 400-dollar dog