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2014 Lightning Strikes Nice Tour

The Dates:

July 2014

The Boys:

Charlie at Upton. Photo by Graham Munn.


Markus at Laufen. Photo by Christina Meyer.



Speedy at Magic Blues. Photo by Remy Steinegger.


Sal Lombardo. Photo by Dani Altermatt.

Sal Lombardo

Dave at Anglesey Arms. Photo by Denise Bonjour.

Dave Clarke

James Wheeler. Photo by Graham Munn.

James Wheeler

The Gigs:

Langenthal CH

Stedtli Blues Fest
Laufen CH

Upton Blues Festival
Upton UK

Old Cross Pub
Chichester UK

Anglesey Arms
Chichester UK

The Beresford
Middleton-on-Sea UK

Jenaz CH

Magic Blues Festival
Valle Maggia CH

Why lightning?

We were scheduled to play at a pub called the Gribble, a 500-year-old thatched-roof classic near Chichester. The morning of the gig, Dave read online that it had been struck by lightning and burned down. Suspecting a piss-take, we drove by there, and sure enough: blackened timbers, weary firemen, and our gig lying on the ground in the mud, so to speak.

Sarah the road warrior soon got on the phone and secured us another gig for the same night! How's that for a road story?

Our gig, struck by lightning

The Gribble Inn, alas

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Lightning Strikes Nice

Langenthal Hoffest. Photo by Denise Bonjour.

The first show of the tour was the Hoffest in Langenthal, home base for the Tigress and her family. This was our third time at this festival, and it was the best crowd we've had yet! We let it all hang out, and they didn't want us to leave - we came back for 3 (or was it 4) encores.

Stedtli Blues Fest, Laufen. Photo by Dani Altermatt.

Laufen is about as far from Langenthal as Tarpon Springs from Treasure Island, but it's a whole different deal. The stage was set up in the heart of the Medieval walled town ("Stedtli" is local dialect for "old city"). We were second on the bill, and the audience loved the blues. Speedy was goofing off in Hawaii, so Sal Lombardo filled in, and did a fine job, as he always does.

Stedtli Blues Fest, Laufen. Photo by Dani Altermatt

Stedtli Blues Fest, Laufen. Photo by Christina Meyer.
What could be more pleasant than a long cool summer evening, consuming beer and bratwurst, and listening to some live blues? Old Hans here seems to agree.

Upton Blues Festival, UK. Photo by Denise Bonjour.

Over the creek to Merrie Olde England, and a splendid blues fest. We were the headliners at this free festival, located right on the river Severn in the picturesque old town center. I think this was the coolest English festival we've done yet - huge crowd, lovely cool weather, and we played our bums off. James Wheeler played drums on the UK leg of the tour, and did a cracking job.

Upton Blues Festival, UK. Photo by Graham Munn.

Graham Munn took some splendid pix at Upton.

Anglesey Arms, Chichester, UK. Photo by Denise Bonjour.

Played in the back garden at the Anglesey Arms, our second time here. The local posse hung out all afternoon, quaffing ale and digging the tunes. Ripe plums were falling around us as we played on our grassy "stage."

At the seaside. Photo by Denise.

It was deja vu all over again, as we took the camper van out for a pleasant afternoon at the seaside. We even had tea and biscuits - very civilized indeed.

At the seaside. Photo by Denise.

Looks a little different from my Florida beach - and a good deal colder!

Magic Blues Festival, CH. Photo by Remy Steinegger.

Back to Switzerland, and across the Alps to the Italian-speaking Ticino. Another great fest - big crowd, cool weather, rockin show.

Magic Blues Festival, CH. Photo by Remy Steinegger.

The boys had a blast at Magic Blues...

Magic Blues Festival, CH. Photo by Remy Steinegger.

...and so did the audience.

We also had a great show at the Landhaus in Jenaz (but nobody took any pix, alas). Andy and Madeline are true music lovers, and always treat us great. This was probably the best food of the tour, a real American-style barbecue with burgers, chicken, black beans and all that is proper.