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Swiss Milkmaid Tour 2007


Jan-Feb 2007


Charlie Morris as a fish
Charlie Morris

Marco Jeanrenaud on stage at Nyon
"Speedy" Jeanrenaud

Dave Clarke finds that two heads are better than one
Dave Clarke

Markus Baumer jams out in Interlaken
Markus Baumer


Rolls Royce Bar, Bern

Key North, Schlieren

Hotel Belle Epoque, Bern

Bierhaus, Sempach

Bar de la Ferme, Nyon

Hotel Richemont,
Chateau d'Oex

Brasserie 17, Interlaken

Alte Post, Wangen

Maison Pierre, Burgdorf

Alte Muehle, Langenthal

Blues Brunch, Baden

Harry's New York Bar, Montreux

Funnest Gigs:

Bierhaus, Brasserie 17, Alte Post

Best Hotel:

Belle Epoque, Bern

The Sempacherhof in Sempach was damn nice, too.

Memorable Meals:

Too many to list - Bern, Sempach, Wangen were all great. The ribs at the Brasserie 17 are always a big hit!

Best Laugh:

Speedy's very slightly kinky preference for sex in the stables, which furnished us with hours of innocent amusement

The Tigress with her new Ferrari

An arty Sarah in Interlaken

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Charlie Morris Band Swiss Milkmaid Tour, 2007. Photo by Denise Bonjour.

Once again, the Florida Taters are loose on the streets of Europe! Lock up your daughters and your cows!

Hoisting a few at the Bierhaus in Sempach CH

We played a splendid new venue called the Bierhaus in Sempach, and had a great time with Orest and the boys!

Chateau Nyon

Here's the view from our hotel window in Nyon - a little more glamorous than the old Waffle House!

Charlie Morris Band at the Bar de la Ferme, Nyon CH 2007

On stage in Nyon. One of our favorite gigs!

Balloon Week in Chateau d'Oex CH

We played at the Hotel Richemont in Chateau d'Oex for the yearly Balloon Week.

Charlie Morris Band on stage at the Brasserie 17 in Interlaken. Photo by Sarah Clarke

Next stop was Interlaken, where we always have a great time at the Brasserie 17.

Charlie Morris makes a face on stage at the Brasserie 17 in Interlaken. Photo by Sarah Clarke

Here's a special treat for you music media types - Chuck making a stupid guitar hero face on stage. Very rare!

Charlie Morris gets carried away at the Brasserie 17 in Interlaken. Photo by Sarah Clarke

Chuck dances with the audience. Also a very rare occurence! Was it the ribs?

Speedy does his famous walkabout drum solo in Wangen CH

Speedy wows the crowd in Wangen bei Olten with his patented glass-breaking drum solo.

The Charlie Morris Band on stage at Harry's New York Bar in Montreux, Switzerland

The last gig of the tour was the famous Harry's New York Bar in Montreux. Special thanks to Gary Coleman and Dom Torsche for filling in. We'll be back here in July for the Montreux Jazz Festival!

Packin up the gear in Montreux - the circus leaves town again!

A little packin and bitchin...

Charlie Morris Band doing what they do best

...and the reward. See you in July!