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That's What She Said Tour 2005


February-March 2005


Switzerland, Germany


Charlie Morris on stage at the Heimathaus, Twist, Germany
Charlie Morris
- Guitar

Devin Rice on stage at the Mettman Blues Festival, Germany
Devin Rice
- Keys, Harp, Guitar

Dave Clarke, on stage at the Heimathaus, Twist, Germany
Dave Clarke
- Bass

Marco "Speedy" Jeanrenaud in Twist
"Speedy" Jeanrenaud
- Drums


INOX, Baden

Weissen Rössli, Zäziwil

Restaurant Frohsinn, Arbon

Dublin's Pub, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Cantinetta Bindella, Solothurn

Terrase, Zürich

Kornhaus Keller, Bern

Ristorante Bindella, Fribourg

Weinkeller, Weinfelden

Desperado's, Wangen bei Olten

Bar de la Ferme, Nyon

Heimathaus, Twist D

Mettman Blues Festival, Mettman D

Gasthaus Schaaf, Solingen D

Phil's Blues, Luzern

Cotton Club, Zug

Best Audiences:

Heimathaus, Twist D

Bar de la Ferme, Nyon

Coolest Venue:

Cotton Club

Best Hotel:

Haus zum Kindli, Zürich

Biggest Pain in the Ass:

Getting stuck in the freight elevator in Bern

Memorable Consumables:

Veal filet with a rich sauce and risotto on the side
Veal at La Terrase, Zürich

Chuck pulls a glass of Alt Bier at the Mettman Blues Festival
Alt and Kölsch Bier in Germany

Best Laughs:

"That's what she said!" Yes folks, that's how low our level of humor has sunk over the years.

Du schwein! Du schwein!
"You pig! You better stop that pretty soon!"

Special Thanks:

Denise Bonjour once again booked most of the gigs.

The indomitable Dadou was very gracious and hospitable to house the dour Devin for months on end.

Beatrice and Christian, as always, were very hospitable and showed us a great time.

Charlie Morris in Lucerne

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The boys enjoying a fine meal at La Terrase, Zürich

On our sixth winter tour of Switzerland, we once again had lots of great audiences, lots of fun and, as always, plenty of wonderful meals. We did 15 dates in Switzerland and 6 in Germany. We played everything from concert halls to fancy restaurants to funky music clubs. We even played outside in the snow! We did a couple of live radio broadcasts and scored feature articles in several local newspapers. We also sold a record number of CDs.

Devin tongues the taco.

Devin strokes the box (that's what she said).

Devin Rice added a string to his bow, or a bow to his quiver, playing guitar on this tour for the first time.

Charlie Morris Band at the Weinkeller in Weinfelden, Switzerland

Speedy plays a solo on the wine bottles.

In Weinfelden, the capital of the Thurgau wine-growing region, we played in a real wine cellar, hewn out of the solid rock. We ate good food and drank excellent wine with a very nice group of people. Not one but two local newspapers sent reporters to the event, and they were particularly impressed with Speedy's patented walkabout drum solo. One headline read "Barstool Used as Drum."

Big-Ass All-American Truck!

In Zäziwil im Emmental, we played for our old friends the Chansons, a distinguished family of hoteliers who have recently taken over a grand old guesthouse called the White Horse. They decorated in All-American style in our honor.

Just a buncha country boys!

The Rock Store in Basel is more of a country bar than some country bars I've been in, at least in this country.

Charlie Morris trades licks with Joe Frank in Nyon

In Nyon we met up with Joe Frank, a young chap we met on the beach in Treasure Island and a damn fine axeman. Here we are tradin' a few licks.

Chuck and Dave at Carnival in Olten

Dave and Chuck were just in time for Carnival in Olten. Christian and Beatrice showed us a wild and wacky time, as usual. Anybody tell you them Swiss was a buncha stick-in-the-muds? Well, 'tain't so!

at Dublin's Pub in La Chaux-de-Fonds

We always have a great gig at Dublin's Pub in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Bonny B sitting in with the Charlie Morris Band

In Fribourg we had a jam with Bonny B, a fine harp player who often plays with Speedy.

Charlie Morris Band in Lucerne

We had a great gig at Phil's Blues Club in Lucerne, a new club with a great stage, great food and an excellent wine list.

Devin and Speedy in Lucerne

We were on the go most of the time, but in Lucerne we had time to do a few of the usual tourist things.

The line-up at the Mettman Blues Festival

A highlight of our tour was the Mettman Blues Festival, a week of concerts in the Ruhr region of Germany. Here are all the artists of the festival (left-right): Eddie Martin, Dave, Colin Earl, Stefan George, Dave Peabody, Charlie, Speedy, Devin.

at the Cotton Club in Zug

in Zug

The Cotton Club in Zug is a really cool place, loaded with bluesy decor. It was a fitting spot for the last show of the tour. All in all a pretty good tour. No equipment broke down, nobody barfed, and we left through the front door every night.

The next Swiss tour will take place from Late January through February 2006.