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The following is the text of a telephone interview with Charlie Morris, conducted by Authentic Blues magazine:

Authentic Blues: 'tisn't blues.

Charlie Morris: What the f**ck you mean? Of course this is blues.

AB: No, 'tisn't.

CM: Yes it is!

AB: No, 'tisn't.

CM: Yes it f**ckin' well is!

AB: No, 'tisn't.

CM: Listen, pal. The tunes are all 1-4-5, the words are all about women, drinking and gambling. There's lots of solos, the keyboard player is playing a real Hammond B-3, and I'm playing an ES-335, a Strat and a Paul. If that ain't blues, what the hell is?

AB: There's no steel guitar.

CM: Well, yeah, maybe not, but there is a slide guitar solo on one tune, Cruisin.

AB: Yeah, but that's not a National steel guitar, its just played on your Les Paul or some such. It's probably even a metal slide. There's also a sax solo on that tune, if I recall correctly.

CM: There's harp on several other tunes.

AB: A few harp tracks does not a blues album make.

CM: Well, it doesn't make it non-blues because I had a sax on one tune, either. What the hell kind of an interview you call this, anyway?

AB: Face it Chuck, even if you play blues, you'll never be blues, because you're just a young white middle-class...

CM: Now, wait a minute, mister! You can call me what you want, but I am definitely not "middle class."

AB: You have your own Web site, don't you?

CM: Well, yes.

AB: Yup-pee! Yup-pee! Oh, excellent, dude! I'll call you on my cellphone from my beemer! What's bluesy about that?

CM: What's the point of all this crap? Isn't what the album sounds like what matters? Who cares what size or color I am as long as people like the music?

AB: Oh, I'm sure your CD is very good. I'm just saying it isn't blues.

CM: Wait a minute! Are you saying you haven't even listened to my CD, Bluer Than Thou?

AB: My friend, I receive thousands of CDs every week. I don't have time to listen to them all.

CM: You had time to call me for this p**s-poor excuse for an interview, you pretentious, no-writing half a motherf**ker!

AB: 'tisn't blues.

CM: (click)