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Blues & Rhythm
May 2006

Charlie Morris Band: Live at the Gator and Chips

BluesPages 70009 (51:58)

Regular visitors to Britain these days from their home base in Florida, Charlie Morris and crew have a growing following and listening to this CD - Charlie's third for BluesPages - recorded in England last year, it is not hard to understand why. Singer and guitarist Charlie sounds a very personable fellow, with a laid-back vocal style well suited to the relaxed blues he plays, a strong stage presence (even the audience participation bits work!) and a nice line in wryly humorous lyrics.

The energy level only cranks up a few notches for the last few numbers, which makes a nice change from the all-out, in your face performers. The band support well - and special kudos to multi instrumentalist Devin Rice for some wonderful steam piano. Not essential listening maybe but a nice ray of Florida sunshine nonetheless!

Norman Darwen