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Charlie Morris Band, Ten Tall Tales

by Wayne Bledsoe

Knoxville News Sentinel, May 31, 2009

Charlie Morris is not a grandstanding blues guitarist or vocalist. Instead of shredding and wailing, Morris is a player who is all about the song. When Morris plays a solo (and he can knock you out when he puts his mind to it), he goes for the subtle and sweet.

A native of Oak Ridge, Morris splits his time between East Tennessee, Florida and Switzerland. “Ten Tall Tales” was recorded with Morris’ Swiss musical compatriots (keyboardist Markus Baumer, drummer Marco Jeanrenaud and bassist David Clarke) and when the band hits a groove it’s a beautiful thing. Check out the guitar and organ interplay on “Monsieur Miracle.” Morris’ genial demeanor comes across well throughtout the album and Morris favors songs with plenty of humor.

“Ten Tall Tales,” is Morris’ most easygoing, lovable disc to date.