Got Greedy appears on the CD Ten Tall Tales, which was released in 2009. This special online edition was released on Earth Day, 2010.

Ten Tall Tales, the new CD from the Charlie Morris Band

Well, the oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf, but the millions of dollars continue to flow from the oil companies to our so-called leaders, the billions continue to flow to dictators, terrorists and mass murderers around the world, and poison continues to spew into our atmosphere and waterways at an ever-accelerating pace. Have a nice day.

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You'd think there would have been plenty of oil to go around
After all, it's just lyin there in the ground
You'd think the oil we have in the USA
Would have been plenty for our day-to-day
But Noooo, they say we got to import our fuel
From countries where the leaders are barbaric and cruel
Political problems, endless turmoil
But we never would have needed their oil
If we hadn't got greedy

We all got greedy

Oil is black nasty sticky stuff
It's worse than heroin, we cant get enough
It's the lifeblood of dictators, the fuel of war
It's honey to the rich, poison to the poor
It means easy money for evil men
Like gangland chicago come to life again
It's poison to drink, poison to breathe
Its influence has poisoned our democracy
It's booze, it's crack, we just cant quit
But we never would have got strung out on that shit
If we hadn't got greedy

We all got greedy

Gridlock, noise and hot asphalt
Road rage, fatal accidents, suburban sprawl
Asthma, bronchitis, burning eyes, chest pain
Global warming, poison runoff, acid rain
Insurance bills, DUI, lawsuits galore
Corruption, terrorism, oil war
Oil fouls our beaches, it fouls our lungs
Cars kill our dogs and our teenage sons
Now they're off to war, and we all know why
But maybe they wouldn't have had to die
If we hadn't got greedy!

We all got greedy

You and I got greedy

Everbody got greedy

Get the picture? Now let's all pitch in and try to clean up the mess. Not just the mess on our beaches, but the political, economic and social messes that fossil fuels have created. As Tom Friedman says, "It is so much more important to change your leaders than change your light bulbs." Please click on some of the links below and get involved.

Hands Across the Sand

A Florida group working against offshore oil drilling

Rainforest Action Network

A well-run organization that acts on many fronts against climate change and environmental destruction

Center for Biological Diversity

"Works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction"

Mountain Justice

This organization works to end the practice of Mountain Top Removal Mining, in which coal companies clear-cut forests, blow the tops off mountains, and dump the toxic residue in streams (what fun!) in order to generate electricity for the Tampa Bay region, among others (The NRDC says "TECO Coal is one of the nation's worst offendors when it comes to mountaintop removal coal mining"). This site contains a swell list of books, music, videos and web links pertaining to coal.

Natural Resources Defense Council

This large organization's site is a vast empire of green goodies.

Climate Debate Daily

This blog has a gargantuan list of sites having to do with both sides of the climate change issue.

This Changes Everything

This is a powerful, important book, and an excellent work of journalism, meticulously researched and beautifully written. I also found it a very disturbing book, and in a way I wish I hadn't read it. Naomi Klein's thesis is that the kind of action required to avert climate catastrophe is incompatible with the world's present economic system of more-or-less unrestrained capitalism. If civilization is to save itself, a complete reordering of society, to a more inclusive, distributed, equitable world, will be necessary. Hence the book's title.

Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

A very different book, presenting a hopeful techno-solution. Most of us see environmental issues as a problem that governments, businesses and individuals are going to have to work together to solve - an unlikely prospect. Author Tony Seba looks at the future in a completely different way - to him, the transition to what he calls the new energy economy is inevitable, it's already under way, and it has little to do with climate change, government regulations or politics.

Thomas L Friedman

One of my favorite authors on political and economic issues. Friedman understands what we need to do to return our country to its global leadership role. He's no wide-eyed liberal, but a big-picture realist who explains in eloquent detail how ending our oil addiction, rebuilding our infrastructure and embracing the global economy will usher in a new economic boom. Hot, Flat and Crowded is my favorite of his books.


The magazine of electric vehicles.

Tesla Motors: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Sparked the Next Tech Revolution

My own humble contribution to world literature.