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Crescent City Crawl


1998, 2002, 2003, 2004


Kerry Irish Pub, New Orleans

Spotted Cat, New Orleans

Vic's Kangaroo, New Orleans

Birdy's Roadhouse, Angie LA

Swamp Club, Baton Rouge (Bah!)

Traders, Mobile AL

Charlie B's, Albany GA

Bradfordville Blues Club, Tallahassee

Wicked Willie's, Carabelle

Charlie Morris CDs on sale at the Louisiana Music Factory, New Orleans
A milestone: my name in Dymo tape.

Can't beat Wagner's meat!

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Charlie Morris Band  on stage at Birdy's Roadhouse
Playing at that simmering saucepan of sin...Birdy's Roadhouse! (2004)

Birdy's Roadhouse
Was that your car I saw in the parking lot at Birdy's last Sunday?

The house piano at Birdy's
Well, they said they had a house piano...(2003)

Sam and Sandy, the proprietors of that simmering saucepan of sin, Birdy's Roadhouse!
Sam 'n' Sandy

Old Irish tom lifts a pint at the Kerry in New Orleans
Aye and begorrah, Tommy! Top o' the marnin' to ye! (2004)

Chuck at Traders in Mobile
At Traders in Mobile, they have a real live gator right out back!

CMB at the Kerry Irish Pub in the French Quarter
At the Kerry Irish Pub in the French Quarter (2002)

Chuck with Coco Robicheaux in New Orleans
Coco Robicheaux stopped by and jammed with us
at the Spotted Cat in N'awlins. (2002)

Here we are at Vic's Kangaroo on our 1998 trip to New Orleans
At the old Vic's Kangaroo in New Orleans (1998)

Chuck with Terry
Chuck with Terry "Harmonica" Bean in Clarksdale MS

Chuck plays out in the cotton fields
Soaking up the vibes in the Mississippi Delta

The Do Drop Inn, somewhere in Louisiana
Here we are, guys! This is the gig!

A typical view from our hotel window
Oh, the glamor of the road!
A typical view from our hotel window.