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Swiss Son of a Gator Tour 2006


Sept-Oct 2006


Charlie Morris at the Banbury Festival, UK
Charlie Morris

Marco Jeanrenaud on his birthday
"Speedy" Jeanrenaud

Dave Clarke faces reality
Dave Clarke

Markus Baumer jams out in Lausanne
Markus Baumer

Bill Footman at the Banbury Festival
Bill Footman

Fraser Wigg lays down some organ
Fraser Wigg

UK Gigs:

Queen's Head, Wolverley

Charters, Peterborough

Hope Tavern, Lincolnshire

Banbury Festival, Banbury

Swiss Gigs:

Jazz Keller, Sargans

Dolder 2, Feuerthalen

Private Party, Yverdon
Rock Bottom Tribute

La Chaux-de-Fonds

Rolls Royce Bar, Bern

Tacos, Lausanne

Hotel Belle Epoque, Bern

Au Bon Vin, Chardonne

La Spirale, Fribourg
20th Anniversary Party


Radio Suisse Romande
Live Interview

Funnest Gigs:

Dolder, Spirale, the Banbury Festival

Best Hotel:

Belle Epoque, Bern

Memorable Meals:

Sunday Roast Lunch at the Hope Tavern, Mont D'or cheese at the party in Giez

Best Laugh:

Dave made Speedy's wife think that he had shagged a floozy on the gig, as a joke. She was convinced it was true, so she divorced him and he lost every penny he had! Ha ha ha!

My, that's a big one! TWSS!

The lovely Olde English Towne of Bitchfield.

Our Blues mentor, Rock Bottom

Charlie Morris Band on stage at the Banbury Festival, UK 2006. Photo by Sarah Clarke.

At the Banbury Festival

Charlie Morris Band in the UK

The UK band at The Hope Tavern, Lincolnshire

Charlie Morris Band at Blues on the Boat, Peterborough UK

Playing on a canal boat in Peterboro, home town of football hooligans, tarts and lager louts. "If someone offers you another, just walk away!"

Charlie Morris Band at Brigal AG, Bern 2006

The Swiss band in Bern

Charlie Morris Band at the Dolder 2, Schaffhausen CH 2006

At the Dolder 2

Charlie Morris Band and posse at the Dolder

At the Dolder 2 in Schaffhausen, we played a double bill with American songstress Robyn Harris. Here we are havin a wee dram after the show. L-R: Speedy, Dave, Denise with the psycho cat, Markus, Charlie, Robyn.

Charlie Morris playing on the Paradiso live radio show on Radio Suisse Romande Gargoyle at Hampton Court Palace Chuck at Le Bon Vin, Chardonne CH

Charlie and Speedy being interviewed for the Paradiso live radio show on Radio Suisse Romande

On the radio show Paradiso, on Radio Suisse Romande, Chuck and Speedy gave an interview, and we played two songs live
(Mr Miracle and Can't Do Nothin).

Speedy and Dave take a boat ride

We went for a boat ride on Lake Neuchatel!

The wives of the Charlie Morris Band

Ladies and gentlemen, these gals are the real stars. Take a bow, ladies! L-R: Sarah, Olga, Dadou, Denise

The grapevines of La-Tour-de-Peilz in Fall

Grapevines near Vevey, in their fall colors

Dave and Speedy just Can't Stop Clownin!

Dave and Speedy camping it up for the camera